Thanks to its particular attention to other countries culture and lifestyle, Allegrini Amenities has now achieved the Halal certification. In Arabic, Halal means “allowed”, therefore respect for the Islamic belief and the Sharia’a precepts, but is also synonymous of high quality and environmentally respectful products.
The Halal products don’t contain neither animal derivatives nor ethyl alcohol; they are manufactured in full complian¬ce with the ethical and environmental codes. Allegrini Amenities adherence to Halal standards wants to be once again a demonstration of the utmost care of the company in selecting the best raw materials and in improving its own production.

The collections


Argan Oil is a beauty elixir that has become a “must” in terms of cosmetic products thanks to its antioxidant, emollient and moisturizing properties. It has an important moisturizing effect; it regenerates, repairs and stimulates the skin cells, and helps to neutralize free radicals, with anti-aging effects. The intriguing scent of the formulations and the elegant satin finish of the bottles will embrace your guests in the atmosphere of Morocco, evoked by the sophistication and quality of this line inspired by the gold of desert.


the celebration of the ancient beauty secret of Italy, where the olive trees grow wildly on the hills.
The collection is enriched with Olive oil and its fragrance evokes the energy, the sun and the spirit of the Italian Mediterranean area. Olive oil has been used for centuries and is well known for its moisturizing and antioxidant properties. Its precious oleic acids, capable of gently purify, will leave your skin toned, supple and pleasantly scented.


A perfect oral hygiene.
Allegrini Amenities has developed a mouthwash with an alcohol free and parabens free formulation: it is ideal for the daily oral hygiene and it has a marked refreshing action. It is an extremely delicate product thanks to the absence of fluorine. It is also compatible with homeopathic treatments because it doesn’t contain mint.