The full respect of the environment and the principle of quality in harmony with nature have always been the working basis for Allegrini S.p.A., a company that since its foundation voted much of its innovation to the pursuit of sustainable development.

This philosophy inspired the GoGreen project of Allegrini Amenities: a series of initiatives in which research and innovation are combined with ecological and critical consumption thinking.

GoGreen influence the company’s decisions in the field of formulation, packaging, raw materials, production, and results in practice in a number of benefits to customer service and the environment.

KM zero production



Bottles and Formulations are entirely developed in our company, combining design, production-efficiency and waste reduction. The Research&Development department is constantly studying new packaging, design, formulations and technologies to offer innovative solutions to the market.



Bottles and caps are produced in our plastic department through innovative extrusion, injection and blow moulding process, with utmost attention to efficiency and waste reduction. Moreover, we are able to create bottles made of 100% recyclable materiai



Four silkprint lines and a Creative Team grant top customization for our products.



Eight production lines can fili more than 80 mio bottles/tubes per year with the possibility to futher increase. In order to complete the cycle, Allegrini Amenities is equipped for integrateci storage and logistic service.


Cosmetic Formulae

A full-time Research&Development department, realize internally, in our two laboratories, alt cosmetic formulations to be filled into bottles.

ECO Packaging

Recyclable PET

0ur bottles are made of 100% recyclable plastic materiai.

Recycled PET

We can produce a wide range of bottles using up to 100% recycled PET.

LCA life cycle assessment

Life-cycle assessment is a technique to assess environmental impact associateci with ali the stages of a product life from cradle to grave (from raw materials supply through materials processing, manufacture, distribution, use, main­tenance, and disposal or recycling).

We applied this study to our best-sellers 30 ml bottles and we can state that, by producing them in recycled PET, we considerably decrease C02 emissions.


These results certify the commitment of Allegrini Amenities for a sustainable future and a stimulus to a continuous search for solutions that minimize the environmental impact of products.