A series of elegant and delicate fragrances, ideal for personalising both guest rooms and linen. Scented waters are light, airy, feature a gentle olfactory impact and provide an instant and pleasant feeling of freshness, to create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere.

The texture of these scented waters is so light that it can be sprayed on all sorts of fabrics, without staining it or leaving marks. A sensorial experience that becomes familiar and an absolute must.

Scented linens decorate the ambience

Having fresh and scented sheets when you go to sleep is simply a great feeling; it gives serenity and relaxation, while improving the quality of your sleep.
The Scented Water is a real dew perfume that wraps the bedding, giving a pleasant feeling of freshness and cleanliness. Thanks to their innovative formulations, they can be sprayed directly on the fabrics without staining.

Always fresh scented linen

The Scented Water are also ideal to refresh the towels and give an unexpected note of freshness to the tissues. They are the perfect choice to customize environments with style and elegance.

The Essences




Acqua di Argan
A refined fragrance that combines the freshness of Bergamot and Mandarin to the sweetness of Lily of the Valley, Peony, Rose and Lavender. Completed and embellished thanks to the union with captivating notes of Sandalwood, Amber and Musk that give a touch of mistery and charm to this elegant fragrance.


Verveine et thè vert
The citrus and fresh notes of Verbena, Lemon and Bergamot are intelligently mixed with the Green Tea and Jasmine delicacy, together with the sweet scents of Peach. This armony creates a sparkling fragrance which is able to donate emotions and unique olfactory surprises.


Acqua di Oud
A sophisticated fragrance born from the meeting of Jasmine, Geranium and Pepper with the sweetness of Rose, Peony and Patchouli and the refined spicy notes of Guaiac Wood, Oud Wood, Leather and Incense. A perfect mix, capable of giving mystery and charm to this particular fragrance.