OLIVA with Olea Europaea

bergamott, eucalyptus leaves, orange flower
olive, thyme, ylang, floral bouquet
ol3green, aromatic
honey agreement, patchouli, musk

The life force of olive oil lies in the wealth of anti-oxidant substances and works against free radicals, responsible for cellular aging. Vitamin E, Phytosterols, tocopherol, squalene play all basic functions which the skin needs to stay young and fresh, over time. These formulations gently cleanse softly, leaving your skin toned and elastic.

They have a pleasant fragrance and give a feeling of well being that lasts over time.

VERBENA with Verbena perfume and green tea extract

verbena, lemon, bergamot, orange
green tea, jasmine, litsea cubeba
peach, green accord

Fresh and sparkly notes of citrus, tipical of verbena which, together with green tea, create a great combination of energy and vitality.

A heady olfactory adventure: a meeting between citrus and the fresh notes of verbena, lemon and bergamot; the delicacy of green tea and jasmine notes and the sweetness released by the peach.A harmony of notes that gives life to a lively fragrance, which offers a wealth of unique olfactory surprises.


water jasmine, ylang-ylang, new freshness
ozone, mastic tree, galbanum
tonka bean, amber, cedarwood

The formulations of this collection have been studied for donating an unforgettable olfactory experience: the exclusive fragrance was born from the blend of elegant, sweety and floreal notes with intense and woody notes. The result is true well-being.

FICO DEL MEDITERRANEO – with wheat proteins and Mediterranean fig scent

fig, coconut
lavender, herbs, leaves
soft woods

Mediterranean Fig is a fragrance that evokes the energy, the sun and the colours of the Italian Mediterranean surroundings.

An essence that mixes the amazing aroma of fig, the sweetness of the Iris flower and leaves space for a woody cedar base..

ALOE with Aloe Vera juice

orange, lemon, tangerine
sweet spicy
cumin, white musk, vanilla
cedarwood, cardamom

Aloe vera is a perennial plant from the beautiful and fleshy green leaves, coming from hot and dry climates. Its nourishing and moisturizing properties, recognized since antiquity, are referable to the precious content of its juice, rich in polysaccharides, vitamins and minerals.

It helps the skin to maintain the right amount of water, so as to preserve its moisture. A fresh and pleasant fragrant note gives these formulations a special energizing result.

ORIZA with Oriza Sativa extract

toasted cereals
rise milk
sweet woods
white musk, cedarwood, vanilla

Rice proteins, consisting of essential amino acids, retain youth and freshness of the skin. Among our Oryza formulations, shampoo nourishes the hair keeping its natural shine; the body cream, incredibly soft, nourishes the skin and restores its natural shine while the bubble bath, gently cleanses, leaving a pure sense of freshness.

ARGAN with Argan oil

bergamot, tangerin
lily of the valley, peony, rose

woody musk
sandalwood, amber, musk

Argan oil is the beauty elixir, a mush-have in cosmetics, thanks to its antioxidant, emollient and nourishing properties. It has a deeply hydrating power which regenerates, repairs, stimulates the skins’ cell renewal and helps to neutralize free radicals, protecting it from ageing process.

The intriguing perfume of our formulations will enfold your hosts in the intense atmosphere of Morocco.

TEA MATCHA – detox ritual

bergamot, grapefruit seeds
matcha tea, green leaves, iris rhizomes

patchouly, cedarwood

The citrusy notes of Bergamot and Grapefruit seeds are blended together with the elegant and relaxing notes of Matcha Tea, Green Leaves and Iris Rhizomes. On the bottom, the woody  notes of Patchouly and Cedarwood. The result is pure well-being for the mind. 

CAVIAR with caviar extract

lemon leaves, bergamot, citrus sorbet
rosehips petals, cinnamon, cardamom
amber, dark wood, leather, sandal

The protagonist of our new luxury amenities line is caviar: precious ingredient and excellent ally to combat the signs of aging, and to maintain facial and body skin beautiful and young. Caviar has nourishing, moisturizing, mineralizing and antioxidant properties.

The skin will appear revitalized and regenerated. These formulations contain an extraordinarily fresh and luxurious fragrance, with notes of citrus sorbet, rosehips petals, amber, sandalwood and dark woods, created to detect the sensual and elegant aspect of the perfume. A combination of notes perfectly blended which create a unique fragrance and an unforgettable sensory experience.

ENERGY with Camellia Sinensis and Ginkgo Biloba extract

bergamot, lemon
lily of the valley
musk, amber

The stimulating, energizing and refreshing green tea extract has been cleverly mixed with Ginkgo Biloba, a powerful antioxidant, capable of preventing the damage caused by free radicals, helping to control the effects of aging.

Therefore, the Energy formulations have proved perfect for gifting a real burst of energy.

ANIS with wheat proteins and star anis scent

aromatic herbs
flower note, hay, hawthorn

Anise is one of the oldest spices, already known and used by Greeks, Egyptians and Romans and was of first inspiration for the idea and the realization of these special formulations.

Its aroma, slightly sweet, reminds the one of fennel seeds with a slight hint of mint, unique and unmistakable.

OUD with Agarwood perfume and Goji extract

jasmine, geranium, pepper
rose, peony, patchouli
guaiac wood, agarwood, leather, incense

Oud is a rare and fine resin coming from an Indian tree. Its aroma, halfway between incense and leather, creates a mystical atmosphere.

Nero Oud line contains goji berries extract, known as the “longevity fruit” and naturally rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

OUD&ROSE with Damask rose extract

lemon, cistus labdanum
rose, oud, leather
patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood, benzoin, black amber, musk

These specific formulations combine the oriental notes of oud and the delicate rose extract: a perfect union to offer unforgettable moments of relax to your guests.

Thanks to its moisturizing properties, the rose extract gives elasticity and tone to the skin; at the same time, it acts on hair, giving it vitality and strenght. With these formulations, the simple beauty ritual becomes a real beauty experience characterized by oriental atmospheres.

WINE THERAPY with Vitis Vinifera extract

wine, red fruits, apple
white flowers
orange flower, grean leaf, melon
jasmine, rose

Nourishing and energizing, grape is a source of wellbeing for the skin.

Grape polyphenols are among the most powerful natural antioxidants: they contrast the formation of free radicals and support the production of collagen and elastin, exerting a strengthening and protecting action for the skin, giving it a more youthful and tonic aspect.

HONEY with honey and camomile organic extract

honey, rosewood
Tonka beans, vanilla

Well known in cosmetics for its sugar composition, rich in proteins and minerals, honey makes thes formulations extremely nourishing and emollient, for the skin and the hair. Antioxidants and enzymes contained in honey have an extremely reinvigorating and tonic power. They nourish the skin and prevent free radicals and skin ageing process. Camomile organic extracts enrich the formulations with their lenitive and softening properties.

BAMBOO with bamboo extracts

lemon, bergamot, lavender
violet leaves, damask rose, geranium, gillyflower
white musk, patchouili, cedarwood, sandalwood

Bamboo extract is well known for its soothing and antioxidant properties. Rich in aminoacids, vitamins and minerals (such as silica) Bamboo which deeply moisturizes and helps to rejuvenate the skin and hair, leaving them incredibly soft and smooth.

Bamboo is considered an antidote to stress and a precious beauty elixir.

ARANCIA E CANNELLA with A.C.E. vitamin complex and perfume of orange and cinnamon

orange, cinnamon, tangerine
pine, cloves, star anis

The liveliness of orange and the energy of cinnamon give personality and character to these innovative formulations.

Both skin and senses benefit from the fresh orange aroma and taste the spiciness of cinnamon, the inspiration of beautiful Oriental touches.

OLYGOS with Oligoelements

artemisia, cardamom, pine, camphor
cloves, nutmeg, cedarwood
strong musk, sandalwood

Olygos formulations contain all the benefits of Thalassotherapy. Dead sea salts, along with the concentration of trace elements contained in Olygos (copper, magnesium, iodine, calcium, manganese, sulphur, potassium, iron, phosphate, zinc), act on the skin, improving the elasticity of the tissue and prevent aging. They revitalize the skin and, at the same time, they restructure and remineralize the scalp. Olygos proves to be a real beauty treatment for a body which is everyday new.

APRICOT & MILK with hydrolyzed milk proteins and apricot fragrance

orange, peppermint, blackberry
cyclamen, apple, plum

The unusual combination of the natural fragrance of apricot, combined with the many cosmetic properties of milk proteins, has created this amazing line of skin care formulations. The emollient and nourishing properties of milk proteins create a barrier against dryness and skin dehydration, guaranteeing a delicate natural balance and respecting the Ph of the skin.

SEAWEED with Chondrus Crispus extract

orange, melon, pear
jasmine, lily of the valley, lavender, tuberose
strong musk, cedarwood

The sea as a valuable ally of the body. The algae are a real blessing both for body and physical beauty.

Rich in vitamins, olygo elements and minerals, algae have softening and hydrating properties for the skin and hair, giving the whole body a tonic and revitalizing effect.

ARANCIA with Vitamin E

orange, grapefruit, pineapple
orange flowers, apple blossom, currant
peach, iris

The Vitamin E is a great ally to prevent and combat the signs of aging: it helps to nourish the skin and hair, giving brightness and hydration.

The fresh natural scent of Orange that characterizes these formulations gives a pleasant sensation of freshness and well-being all over the body.