The research for Allegrini Amenities has always been the objective to transform into reality the needs and demands of the market, offering a range of innovative cosmetic products, together with sustainability and quality.

Important investments in cutting-edge technologies and the constant pursuit of exclusive raw materials, allow the company to anticipate the cosmetic trends, offering its customers Amenities lines with excellent formulations as well as, a current and contemporary design.

Today, Allegrini Amenities’ project translates into:

  • A laboratory specialized in the study of new formulations;
  • A chemical research center, one of the few in Italy owned by a private company, dedicated to the experimentation of new technologies and formulas;
  • A sophisticated instrumentation which includes a reactor for natural synthesis, essential for the respect of the environment;
  • Osmosis system for water purification, which is necessary for the blending step;
  • Innovative presses in extrusion, injection and blow molding for the production of packaging;
  • Sophisticated silk-printing lines for bottles;
  • In- house graphics studio that deals with the realization of graphic projects.

All products, are the result of severe tests and more than 25 years of studies in collaboration with the most qualified universities, and they are microbiologically tested by the internal laboratory and by one outside, recognized by the Ministry of Health.

The pursuit of excellence has always been a priority for Allegrini Amenities: factor that has allowed them to earn over time in important quality certifications.


Legislation aimed at continuous and constant improvement of the company, with the objective of optimizing the organizational structure.


All cosmetics products are manufactured in full compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices).


It ensures the conformity of the company with the requirements for the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.


This is the European environmental certification mark applied to products that have low environmental impact throughout their entire life cycle, from production to use and subsequent disposal.


COSMOS-certified products are produced to the highest standards for organic and natural cosmetics, and are safe, effective and good to use.


ICEA is the main certifying body of natural cosmetics in Italy. The certification mark ensures that formulations respect the body well-being. In fact, choosing a certified product is the best guarantee for protecting your body.


This certification guarantees that the products are manufactured in full compliance with the Islamic doctrine. It is a certification of quality, production chain and product.

La ricerca e sviluppo rappresenta da sempre il fiore all’occhiello dell’azienda, che gli permette di rispondere al meglio a tutte le esigenze di un mercato in continua evoluzione e di essere il punto di riferimento delle linee cortesia per hotel e catene alberghiere in tutto il mondo.

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